# Tips and Tricks

# Use command shorthands

PluralKit has a couple of useful command shorthands to reduce the typing:

Original Shorthand
pk;system pk;s
pk;system list pk;s l
pk;system list full pk;s l f
pk;system fronter pk;s f
pk;system fronthistory pk;s fh
pk;system frontpercent pk;s fp
pk;member pk;m
pk;member new pk;m n
pk;group pk;g
pk;group new pk;g n
pk;switch pk;sw
pk;message pk;msg
pk;autoproxy pk;ap

# Member list flags

There are a number of option flags that can be added to the pk;system list command.

# Sorting options

Flag Aliases Description
-by-name -bn Sort by member name (default)
-by-display-name -bdn Sort by display name
-by-id -bid Sort by member ID
-by-message-count -bmc Sort by message count (members with the most messages will appear near the top)
-by-created -bc Sort by creation date (members least recently created will appear near the top)
-by-last-fronted -by-last-front, -by-last-switch, -blf, -bls Sort by most recently fronted
-by-last-message -blm, -blp Sort by last message time (members who most recently sent a proxied message will appear near the top)
-by-birthday -by-birthdate, -bbd Sort by birthday (members whose birthday is in January will appear near the top)
-reverse -rev, -r Reverse previously chosen sorting order
-random Sort randomly

# Filter options

Flag Aliases Description
-all -a Show all members, including private members
-public-only -public, -pub Only show public members (default)
-private-only -private, -priv Only show private members


You cannot look up private members of another system.

# Additional fields to include in the search results

Flag Aliases Description
-with-last-switch -with-last-fronted, -with-last-front, -wls, -wlf Show each member's last switch date
-with-last-message -with-last-proxy, -wlm, -wlp Show each member's last message date
-with-message-count -wmc Show each member's message count
-with-created -wc Show each member's creation date
-with-avatar -wa, -wi, -ia, -ii, -img Show each member's avatar URL
-with-pronouns -wp Show each member's pronouns in the short list (shown by default in full list)


These flags only work with the full member list (pk;system list full).

# Miscellaneous flags

Command Flag Aliases Description
pk;system list -search-description -sd Search inside descriptions instead of member names
pk;system frontpercent -fronters-only -fo Show the system's frontpercent without the "no fronter" entry
pk;system frontpercent -flat Show "flat" frontpercent - percentages add up to 100%
pk;group <group> frontpercent -fronters-only -fo Show a group's frontpercent without the "no fronter" entry
pk;group <group> frontpercent -flat Show "flat" frontpercent - percentages add up to 100%
Most commands -all -a Show hidden/private information
Most commands -raw -r Show text with formatting, for easier copy-pasting
All commands, except delete -y -yes Skip confirmation prompt