# Roles and permissions

PluralKit requires some channel permissions in order to function properly:

  • Message proxying requires the Manage Messages and Manage Webhooks permissions in a channel.
  • Most commands require the Embed Links, Attach Files and Add Reactions permissions to function properly.
    • Commands with reaction menus also require Manage Messages to remove reactions after clicking.
  • Proxy logging requires the Send Messages permission in the log channel.
  • Log cleanup requires the Manage Messages permission in the log channels.

Denying the Send Messages permission will not stop the bot from proxying, although it will prevent it from sending command responses. Denying the Read Messages permission will, as any other bot, prevent the bot from interacting in that channel at all.

# Webhook permissions

Webhooks exist outside of the normal Discord permissions system, and (with a few exceptions) it's not possible to modify their permissions.

However, PluralKit will make an attempt to apply the sender account's permissions to proxied messages. For example, role mentions, @everyone, and @here will only function if the sender account has that permission. The same applies to link embeds.

For external emojis to work in proxied messages, the @everyone role must have the "Use External Emojis" permission. If it still doesn't work, check if the permission was denied in channel-specific permission settings.

# Troubleshooting

# Permission checker command

To quickly check if PluralKit is missing channel permissions, you can use the pk;permcheck command in the server in question. It'll return a list of channels on the server with missing permissions. This may include channels you don't want PluralKit to have access to for one reason or another (eg. admin channels).

If you want to check permissions in DMs, you'll need to add a server ID, and run the command with that. For example:

pk;permcheck 466707357099884544

You can find this ID by enabling Developer Mode and right-clicking (or long-pressing) on the server icon (opens new window).