# Quick start

This page will get you started ⚡️ lightning-fast ⚡️ with the bot. You'll need to follow these steps:

# Create a system

First, create a system with the following command:

pk;system new


You can also specify a system name if you want:

pk;system new My System Name

# Create a member

Second, create a member with the following command, inserting the member name:

pk;member new MyMember


You can include spaces, punctuation, or symbols in the member name. However, you'll need to write them "in quotes" every time you refer to the member elsewhere.

Instead, you can give your member a simple, easy to type name, then set the member's display name to a more complex version. That'll get displayed when proxying, and then you can keep the following commands simple.

# Set some proxy tags

Now, you'll need to tell PluralKit how you want to trigger the proxy using proxy tags. Often, these will be a pair of brackets, an emoji prefix, or something similar.

To set a member's proxy tags, you'll need to "pretend" you're proxying the word text - just the word itself, all-lowercase. This often gets a bit confusing, so here are a couple of examples with various patterns:

pk;member MyMember proxy J:text
pk;member MyMember proxy [text]
pk;member MyMember proxy 🌸text
pk;member MyMember proxy text -Q


You're not limited to the types of proxy tags shown above. You can put anything you'd like around the word text (before, after, or both), and PluralKit will look for that. Be creative!

# Set an avatar (optional)

If you want an avatar displayed, use the following command:

pk;member MyMember avatar https://link.to.your/avatar.png


If you don't have a link, you can leave that out entirely, and then attach the image to the command message itself. PluralKit will pick up on the attachment, and use that instead.


Avatars have some restrictions:

  • The image must be in .jpg, .png, or .webp format
  • The image must be under 1024 KB in size
  • The image must be below 1024 x 1024 pixels in resolution (along the smallest axis).
  • Animated GIFs are not supported (even if you have Nitro).

# What's next?

You could...

See the User Guide for a more complete reference of the bot's features.