# Compatibility with other bots

Many servers use logger bots for keeping track of edited and deleted messages, nickname changes, and other server events. Because PluralKit deletes messages as part of proxying, this can often clutter up these logs.

# Bots with PluralKit support

Some logger bots have offical PluralKit support, and properly handle excluding proxy deletes, as well as add PK-specific information to relevant log messages:

If your server uses an in-house bot for logging, you can use the API to implement support yourself.

# Log cleanup

Another solution is for PluralKit to automatically delete log messages from other bots when they get posted. PluralKit supports this through the log cleanup feature. To enable it, use the following command:

pk;logclean on

This requires you to have the Manage Server permission on the server.

# Supported bots

At the moment, log cleanup works with the following bots:


In most cases, PluralKit will match log messages by the ID of the deleted message itself. However, some bots (marked with (fuzzy) above) don't include this in their logs. In this case, PluralKit will attempt to match based on other parameters, but there may be false positives.

For best results, use a bot marked (precise) in the above list.

If you want support for another logging bot, let me know on the support server.