# Frequently asked questions

# Can I use this bot for kin/roleplay/other non-plurality uses? Can I use it if I'm not plural myself? Is that appropriating?

Although this bot is designed with plural systems and their use cases in mind, the bot's feature set is still useful for many other types of communities, including role-playing and otherkin. By all means go ahead and use it for those communities, too. We don't gatekeep, and neither should you.

# Who's the mascot?

Our lovely bot mascot's name is Myriad! They were drawn by the lovely Layl. Yes, there are fictives.

# How can I support the bot's development?

I (the bot author, Ske) have a Patreon. The income from there goes towards server hosting, domains, infrastructure, my Monster Energy addiction, et cetera. There are no benefits. There might never be any. But nevertheless, it can be found here: https://www.patreon.com/floofstrid

# The name color doesn't work/can we color our proxy names?

No. This is a limitation in Discord itself, and cannot be changed. The color command instead colors your member card that come up when you type pk;member <member name>.

# Is it possible to block proxied messages (like blocking a user)?

No. Since proxied messages are posted through webhooks, and those technically aren't real users on Discord's end, it's not possible to block them. Blocking PluralKit itself will also not block the webhook messages. Discord also does not allow you to control who can receive a specific message, so it's not possible to integrate a blocking system in the bot, either. Sorry 😕